December 5, 2023
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Dear friends!

Here is the good news: on December 5, 2023, "A-95 Consulting Group" will hold the Petroleum & LPG Ukraine conference in Kyiv!
The last time we met in the Ukrainian capital was back in 2019, and an attempt to resume our meetings in the spring of 2022 was canceled by the war.
In the summer of 2022 and 2023, we saw each other in Warsaw, it was a new and interesting experience. But we decided that we should return home.
We always had something to talk about, but today, in the most tragic period of Ukrainian history, the exchange of information, and experience, and the search for new ideas acquire special importance.
A new supply structure, tax discipline, and therefore competition, anti-Russian sanctions, and most importantly - our help to the front - these are what we see as the key topics for discussion during our December conference.
In turn, the range of issues that will be discussed with colleagues on the sidelines remains unlimited and immeasurable.
We invite you to Petroleum & LPG Ukraine! It will be interesting, informative, and productive!


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Draft Agenda


Morning coffee. Registration of delegates


Keynote speech. Development of Ukraine’s fuel market
Srthii Kuiun, Consulting Group A-95 




Unit 1. Taxes


Serhii Kuiun, Consulting Group A-95
Danylo Hetmantsev, Parliament Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy




Unit 2. Government regulation


Mykola Kolisnyk, Deputy of Minister of Energy of Ukraine
Anatolii Komar, Head of Energy Customs of Ukraine
Michał Kuczmierowski, Government Agency for Strategic Reserves of Poland
Representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine




Unit 3. Market cases

Serhii Fedorenko, Ukrnafta
Nataliia Nikeshina, Parallel
Olexander Liutyi, Certification Center ASU
Gennadiy Khelemskyy, Ukrgasbank


Evening recieption for participants of Petroleum & LPG Ukraine 2023. The place to be announced. 

There will be a transfer from the hotel to the reception location.  

Where do we meet?

Our forums is finally coming home! The event will take place in the central part of the impregnable capital at a location that meets all security requirements. For security reasons, we do not announce the exact location in advance but will inform the conference participants on the eve of the meeting.

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