About us
Specialists of the A-95 Consulting Group have been researching the Ukrainian motor fuel market for 25 years.

We have witnessed the privatization of Ukrainian refineries, the import of the first batches of fuel and the opening of gas stations with cover and shop.

When international oil companies joined the country, we helped them adapt better and faster to the new market.
Ukrainian companies know us as the most active providers of progressive change and reform of the oil market.

Throughout our business, we are a reliable source of professional information for market participants. A-95 Consulting Group is part of the vanguard of Ukraine's fuel sector, which is moving it forward!
The main activities
of our company
Conducting energy market research for private and public customers
Daily monitoring of the price and resource status of the market
Organization of professional events for market participants
Writing for the leading business publications
Providing expert opinions and evaluations for Ukrainian & international media
Market Research
Price Monitoring
Media Monitoring
We have dozens of studies of varying degrees of detail under our belt: the dynamics of commodity markets, development of the oil refining industry, the infrastructure of fuel retail, storage and transportation of fuel - all this is in our constant focus.
We monitor the retail and wholesale markets on a daily basis, gathering information from all the leading companies in the market. The difference in our price policy comes from the careful cross-monitoring of data from sellers and buyers of the resource.
It’s the age of information. Navigating the trends, understanding public opinions and feeling the room, examining narratives, learning about the experience and strategy of competing companies - all of this can be done using open sources.
Last news
New Daily Price Report!
Since January 1, our price report is available in an online format based on the Google Data Studio platform.
18 January 2023
Fuel for Ukraine: for those at home
Online stream is possible format to take part in the international conference Fuel for Ukraine.
24 June 2022
Eastern European market: challenges of diversification
Diversification of supplies to Eastern Europe and in particular Poland will be the topic of a separate Fuel for Ukraine conference panel.
21 June 2022