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We believe that Ukraine has great potential and strive to help in the development of its energy market.

The distinctive feature of the Ukrainian market is the dominant role of local companies, which in some areas are already ahead of the European standards. We help market players implement their latest approaches, promote the sustainable development of the domestic refining industry and promote competition and quality in all segments of the market.

Our mission is to build a stable, competitive and transparent energy market in Ukraine and, as a result, increase the country's energy security.

Combating the unfair competition, fuel counterfeiting and other tax evasion schemes, as well as inefficient use of state assets and resources are our unconditional priorities.
After all, we are talking about state revenues, consumer protection and development of honest business.

The state has a big role to play in achieving energy independence, diversification and healthy competition. Fair and stimulating rules, progressive legislation and sound regulations are the guiding principles of our ongoing dialogue with public authorities at all levels. We are privileged to have our voice heard.

Some of the most important beneficiaries of our joint efforts are consumers, who must receive the required amount of fuel of the highest quality at a fair market price.

We also call for responsible consumption, which will contribute to the energy independence of the state and protection of the environment.
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More $150 000 to support the military
Most of the profit from the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference will be directed to support the the military of Ukraine
24 July 2023
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The UPG international group of companies has joined the partners of the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference, which will be held on June 23...
12 June 2023
OKKO, WOG and Gaspol to support Petroleum Ukraine 2023
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03 June 2023