New Daily Price Report!
Since January 1, our price report is available in an online format based on the Google Data Studio platform.
18 January 2023
Fuel for Ukraine: for those at home
Online stream is possible format to take part in the international conference Fuel for Ukraine.
24 June 2022
Eastern European market: challenges of diversification
Diversification of supplies to Eastern Europe and in particular Poland will be the topic of a separate Fuel for Ukraine conference panel.
21 June 2022
UNIMOT invites to visit
Company UNIMOT, a partner of the Fuel for Ukraine conference, is organizing a tour for forum participants on June 29.
13 June 2022
Heavy embargo or “How to eat an elephant”
A total ban on energy imports from Russia for markets with a large share of Russian resources is very painful. But there are other options
08 June 2022
Factbox: Who is buying Russian crude oil and who has stopped
31 May 2022