More $150 000 to support the military
Most of the profit from the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference will be directed to support the the military of Ukraine
24 July 2023
UPG debuts at Petroleum Ukraine 2023
The UPG international group of companies has joined the partners of the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference, which will be held on June 23...
12 June 2023
OKKO, WOG and Gaspol to support Petroleum Ukraine 2023
The leading players of the Ukrainian market - the OKKO and WOG networks, as well as the most potent operator of the Polish LPG market....
03 June 2023
UNIMOT is the general sponsor of Petroleum Ukraine 2023
The UNIMOT group of companies will support the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference as a general partner. This was announced by the event.....
30 May 2023
New Daily Price Report!
Since January 1, our price report is available in an online format based on the Google Data Studio platform.
18 January 2023
Fuel for Ukraine: for those at home
Online stream is possible format to take part in the international conference Fuel for Ukraine.
24 June 2022
Eastern European market: challenges of diversification
Diversification of supplies to Eastern Europe and in particular Poland will be the topic of a separate Fuel for Ukraine conference panel.
21 June 2022