Market research
We have dozens of studies of varying degrees of detail under our belt: the dynamics of commodity markets, development of the oil refining industry, the infrastructure of fuel retail, storage and transportation of fuel - all this is in our constant focus.

We work continuously with both the commercial and public sectors.
Preparation and evaluation of business plans for obtaining financing in Ukrainian and foreign banks
Consultations of banks and financial institutions on the state and prospects of the oil products market and its participants
Assessment of the adequacy of prices for petroleum products in contracts and tenders
Modeling of transport logistics systems in the field of oil supply
Preparation of reports within the projects of introduction of new technologies in the oil and oil refining industry
Price monitoring
We monitor the retail and wholesale markets on a daily basis, gathering information from all the leading companies in the market. The difference in our price policy comes from the careful cross-monitoring of data from sellers and buyers of the resource.

Price monitoring of A-95 Consulting Group is a reliable guide for not only professional market participants, but also for commercial and state organizations that buy fuel for their own needs.
Media monitoring
It’s the age of information. Navigating the trends, understanding public opinions and feeling the room, examining narratives, learning about the experience and strategy of competing companies - all of this can be done using open sources.

In order to save time, give quick responses to the situation and build communication strategies, we perform the daily media monitoring.
Out of the chaotic stream of data, we carefully sort out thematic materials about events in the field of oil products, oil industry and natural gas markets.
printed issues
news agencies
regional issues
specialized printed publications
TV channels
radio channels