More $150 000 to support the military

24 July 2023
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Most of the profit from the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference, nearly $150 000, will be directed by the A-95 Consulting Group to support the military of Ukraine. The director of “A-95” Serhiy Kuyun announced this on his Facebook page.

“We gathered our strength and earned UAH 5.5 million for our defenders. Of these, 3 million go to the “Angry Birds” fund. These FPV drones are the main thing, in our opinion, that is currently needed,” said the head of the group.

Another 500,000 hryvnias, according to him, will be directed to the Serhiy Prytula Foundation. The remaining 2 million UAH remains for the current “A-95” charity projects, in particular, 200,000 UAH have already been sent to the “night” drone.

“Thank you to our partners, clients, friends! A low bow to our defending heroes!” – said the head of the company.

It should be noted that the “A-95” Consulting Group is actively helping its country in the fight against the Russian occupier. In particular, more than UAH 4 million received from last year’s Fuel for Ukraine conference was donated to Ukrainian charitable foundations and volunteers. For the first half of 2023, “A-95” donations to foundations, volunteers, military units and individual soldiers totaled over UAH 4 million.

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