UPG debuts at Petroleum Ukraine 2023

12 June 2023
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The UPG international group of companies has joined the partners of the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference, which will be held on June 23 in Warsaw.

“We are glad to take part in the largest forum dedicated to the Ukrainian fuel market, which is rapidly integrating into the global world energy industry. All the more so since the meeting will take place on the hospitable Polish land, on which we are building our business in order to strengthen the oil product supply system of Ukraine and diversify supplies in Poland”, – said the founder and owner of UPG Volodymyr Petrenko.

UPG, one of the largest suppliers of fuel to Ukraine, gained international status in 2022 when it took part in the acquisition of the Polish company Baltchem SA Zakłady Chemicze, the operator of an oil refining complex in Szczecin (Poland). Currently, the Ukrainian company is the leading supplier of oil products from Poland to Ukraine and plans to develop in the European fuel market.

“A real breakthrough to the sea in the conditions of war and a complete blockade of Ukraine is the most ambitious project in the recent history of the Ukrainian fuel market. This is a vivid example of the audacity and courage of Ukrainians who are defending their Motherland today,” says Serhii Kuyun, director of the Consulting Group A-95, noting that the Polish-Ukrainian vector of UPG’s activities perfectly corresponds to the theme and aspiration of the forum organizers to strengthen Ukraine’s international relations in the energy sector.

UPG is one of the largest suppliers of petroleum products to the Ukrainian market. In recent years, the company occupies the second position in the rating of diesel fuel importers.

The UPG national network is actively developing and currently has more than 80 gas stations, which are the leaders in daily fuel sales in Ukraine.

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