OKKO, WOG and Gaspol to support Petroleum Ukraine 2023

03 June 2023
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The leading players of the Ukrainian market – the OKKO and WOG networks, as well as the most potent operator of the Polish LPG market, Gaspol, join in supporting the international forum Petroleum Ukraine 2023, which will be held in Warsaw on June 23, 2023.

All partners of the conference will announce representative delegations. The OKKO team will be led by CEO Vasyl Danylyak, who will also be one of the speakers, and Vice President for Commercial Affairs Yuriy Kuchabskyi.

WOG will be represented by a trading team led by Taras Panasyuk, who is also expected to participate in the session panel of the conference.

“OKKO and WOG played an important role in overcoming the fuel crisis in the spring of 2022, which arose due to Russian aggression against Ukraine. It was a real fuel front on which the Ukrainians won the first economic victory in this war and showed the whole world that living without Russian energy resources is possible,” says Serhiy Kuyun, director of the A-95 Consulting Group.

For the second time in a row, Gaspol joins the pool of partners of the Warsaw conference “A-95” and significantly strengthens the “sanctions” vector of the agenda, which is one of the most important in these events.

“Despite the dominant position of Russian LPG on the Polish market, Gaspol stopped trading in Russian gas a few hours after the boot of a Russian soldier crossed the Ukrainian border on February 24, 2022. We are proud of such partners,” says Petroleum Ukraine co-moderator Artem Kuyun.

The program, news, and registration for participation in the forum are available on the “A-95” website.

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