UNIMOT is the general sponsor of Petroleum Ukraine 2023

30 May 2023
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The UNIMOT group of companies will support the Petroleum Ukraine 2023 conference as a general partner. This was announced by the event organizer “Consulting Group A-95”.

The most representative UNIMOT delegation at the forum will be headed by the head of the group, Adam Sikorskyi.

“Transformation of the European market, development of the fuel supply system to Ukraine, anti-Russian sanctions – all topics of the conference are close to UNIMOT and we have something to say on all issues. That’s why we made a decision on maximum support for the event very quickly,” says Mr. Sikorsky.

UNIMOT representatives will take part in the blocks on the diversification of supplies, the creation of minimum stocks and the analysis of the activity of anti-Russian sanctions.

In addition, A. Sikorskyi will moderate the “Transformation of the European Market” session.

“We have known Adam and his team for a long time, we follow their development. We are frankly inspired by UNIMOT’s success, its dynamic growth and unstoppable energy. Our special thanks for the sensitive attitude towards Ukraine, the willingness to help,” said Serhii Kuyun, director of Consulting Group A-95 .

UNIMOT is the most powerful private operator of the fuel market in Poland.

In April 2023, the company finalized an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Lotos Terminale, which consists of nine fuel terminals with a total current capacity of 350,000 cubic meters. As part of the agreement, Unimot Group also acquired the asphalt plants in Jaslo and Cechovice-Dzeditz, separated from Lotos Asfalt, together with the sales department, as well as a ten-year contract for the supply of asphalt products and raw materials for its production to Grupa Lotos in the amount of up to 500 thousand tons per year , thanks to which Unimot Group will become the second largest player in the asphalt sales market.

The Unimot Group is a consistent supporter of the program to abandon Russian oil products, for which it was preparing even before the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine. At the beginning of April 2022, the company leased a terminal in Gulfhavn, Denmark, which enables the transshipment of diesel fuel from the largest tankers bound for Europe from non-Russian destinations.

The Group acquired additional consignments of rail tanks and completed the transaction to purchase the logistics company Olavion, which started in late 2022, which has locomotives, relevant licenses and highly qualified staff, enabling the Unimot Group to complete this value chain and exploit synergies.

In 2022, the adjusted consolidated EBITDA of the Unimot Group was PLN 513.7 million, and the consolidated net profit was PLN 373.9 million. This is almost four times higher than the previous year.

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