New Daily Price Report!

18 January 2023
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Dear friends, we are happy to inform you about updating of our daily report! Since January 1, our price monitoring product is available in an online format based on the Google Data Studio platform.
Monitoring includes 4 sections. In particular, the main price and currency indicators are displayed on the main page.

In the international market section, you can find quotes for futures contracts of the nearest delivery month. Among the products presented in the monitoring:


  • Jet FOB Med
  • 1% FOB Med
  • 0.1% FOB Med Crg
  • EBOB
  • ULSD 10ppm FOB Bgs
  • 1% FOB NWE Crg
  • ULSD 10ppm CIF Med
  • 0.1% CIF Crgs
  • ULSD 10 ppm CIF NWE Crg
  • Propane CIF ARA
  • LSGO 1st
  • WTI
  • Brent Dated

Separate reports are offered for mobile devices and desktop. Among the important features of the online version is the ability to manually building of charts for a specific period and product range.

The “Wholesale” and “Retail” pages are dedicated to the Ukrainian market. In the wholesale section, you can find information on the prices of gasoline, diesel fuel, and LPG on FCA basis. The data are grouped by region. In the “Retail” section, prices are also available by chains and regions.

Starting from the January 1, 2023 all current subscribers of daily analytic shall receive both monitoring formats (online and Excel sheets). Please be informed that the direct emailing will be stopped from the July 1, 2023. If you are interested in our upgraded product, please do not hesitate to contact us. All contact information can be found on our website

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